DILES AETTE was founded in 1995 and focused on luxurious constructions, staffed and worked with experienced engineers, thus creating highly aesthetic buildings, mainly office buildings, shopping centers, apartments and luxury houses in Athens, Mykonos and Parnassos.

Also during decades DILES AETTE expanded undertaking architectural projects mainly abroad, in residences in London.

DILES ATTEE maintains a separate architectural study and interior construction section, primarily in shops, where we have worked with branded companies in fashion industry and we have contributed in their brand creation and finally created for these companies their own unique insight for the style they wanted for their locations.

Particularly in Mykonos we have has and sold many luxurious villas and residential complexes where cause of our 20-year history and by our already recognized  work, we are now one of the few pioneer companies on the construction business.

Alongside with sales department and due to the fact that our company owns many unique luxury properties in Mykonos, we are now active in property rental, thus creating a separate division with the aim to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Continuing our company’s work at present we create new luxury houses mainly in Mykonos, where apart from sales we aim also to tourism industry sector focusing mostly on luxury tourism.